Enrichment Programme


Programme Cost
Little Musician $100/- per mth

                                        Nursery One

Programme Cost
English Speech and Drama $80/- per mth
Chinese Speech and Drama $80/- per mth
Little Musician $100/- per mth

                                      Nursery Two

Programme Cost
English Speech and Drama $80/- per mth
Chinese Speech and Drama $80/- per mth
Ukulele $90/- per mth
Little Musician $100/- per mth

                            Kindergarten One and Two

Programme Cost
Mind Mapping $79/- per mth
English Speech, Drama and Brain Development $80/- per mth
Chinese Speech, Drama and Chinese Calligraphy $80/- per mth
Ukulele $90/- per mth
Little Musician $100/- per mth

Optional Enrichment Programme

Mind Mapping

Kindergarten One / Kindergarten Two

Mind Mapping Programme is designed to encourage our brain practice and build up proficiency of specific Thinking Skills. It is thinking and learning tool that teaches children to utilize the hidden power of their brain. The programme enables children to:

  • Improve on overall cognitive ability (e.g. memory, creativity, and problem solving skills)
  • Analyse and think through organising information efficiently
  • Communicate and express ideas clearly and effectively, which is essential in school and in life.

English Speech, Drama and

Brain Development

Kindergarten One / Kindergarten Two

Children participating in Speech Drama and Brain Development programme embark on journey of wonders, curiosity and self discovery through the world of drama.

The programme unleash children’s full potential:

  • Develop  confidence in communication and presentation skills
  • Stimulate creative and critical thinking skills
  • Cultivate problem solving skills through maps, mazes and puzzle
  • Improve on articulation, voice projection and speech clarity.
  • Develop ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information.
  • Inquiry based learning through exciting and challenging drama scenarios

Chinese Speech, Drama and Calligraphy


Kindergarten One / Kindergarten Two



通过游戏、模仿和片段训练为主,配上儿童歌曲,进行歌唱和舞蹈的教学,让学生们能更好的掌握在音乐节奏,动作协调,舞蹈创编等舞蹈技能。 同时提高对音乐的节奏感。


通过学习情景对话,唐诗唱游,成语故事等学习模式丰富学生们的词汇量,鼓励幼儿学习正确的发声吐字.使他们善于表达 , 敢于说话,增强自信心。




从象形字开始学习,在学生们掌握基本的笔法和有了学习兴趣之后,由浅入深,学习隶书,楷书,及其它字体。 从而提升孩子们对文字的书写水平。

English Speech and Drama

Nursery One / Nursery Two

Children participating in Speech and Drama programme often take on the role of main authors of the story and directors of the drama.

The interactive process enables children to:

  • Build on problem solving ability and develop creative thinking skills
  • Widen use of vocabulary and grow in command of language
  • Improve pronunciation and fluent delivery of speech
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence

Chinese Speech and Drama


Nursery One / Nursery Two





通过学习情景对话,故事等学习模式丰富学生们的语言。 鼓励幼儿学习正确的发声吐字. 使他们善于表达 , 敢于说话,增强自信心。




Nursery Two / Kindergarten One / Kindergarten Two

The Ukulele Music Program advocates learning music through playing Ukulele.

Through this fun, challenging and interesting ukulele program, children will be introduced to musical concepts such as beat, rhythm, dynamics, form and basic chord reading. This helps help develop a range of skills to children by encouraging them to be responsible in their own practice time as well as develop their listening and social skills.

It is also structurally and holistically planned to develop their creativity, finger and eye co-ordination and proper strumming of the instrument.

Little Musician 

Playgroup / Nursery One / Nursery Two / Kindergarten One / Kindergarten Two

Benefits of music education It improves academic skills :

Music and math are highly intertwined. By understanding beat, rhythm, and scales, children are learning how to divide, create fractions, and recognise patterns. Music wires a child’s brain to help them better understand other areas of math.

It develops physical skills :

Keyboard instruments help children develop coordination and motor skills; they require movement of the hands, arms, and feet which is great for high-energy kids.

Your child will gain confidence :

Learning to accept constructive criticism will help your child build self-confidence. What’s more, being able to do something special, like playing the piano, helps kids feel good about themselves.

It refines discipline and patience :

It will improve concentration: Concentration is something one must build. At first, your child may only be able to concentrate for 10 minutes, but as he or she advances and the music becomes more difficult he or she will learn to concentrate for an hour or more at a time.

Your child will learn to read music :

Reading Music is a skill most people don’t have. People who can read the treble and bass clefs required for piano playing can read music for almost any instrument.